100 years of Girls Basketball at WGHS

My grandmother (top right) was so proud of her basketball career at Webster Groves High School. And as the article describes, she talked about playing full court basketball when girls teams usually had to play “3-2” basketball and did so for many more years.Last Friday I went with my family to the WGHS boys basketball game in Roberts gym where so many of my family members have played. I am so glad to be connecting another generation to rich sports history in the Webster Groves School District.

“THROWBACK THURSDAY A hundred years ago, the Webster girls basketball team was trying to win its own County championship and had only one loss on the season to Clayton – a game by which they lost by only one point, 20-19, at their home court at the Armory. The loss left Webster and Clayton in a tie for first place and things were gearing for a final showdown between the two teams with an extra game added to the end of the season. The Webster girls, first, played University City as an opener to the boys game. The girls won their game 25-20, on their court. They had already beaten them at the Armory 21-20. The extra game with Clayton was scheduled for the Friday after the last game of the season which, for Webster, was against Maplewood. Clayton was scheduled to play University City and shortly after the Maplewood game, which Webster won, they received word that University City had beaten Clayton, giving the Webster girls team the championship of St. Louis County.After the County season was finished, the girls of University City demonstrated a new form of basketball that was looking to be adopted – a version of the game which more closely resembled the boys game. The Webster girls gave the new game a try with the women of Loretto College, now known as Webster University, and reports were that the Webster girls were ready to play the new version of basketball.”

Webster Groves Historical Society, Throwback Thursday, 2/15/2022